Business Development Hints

Desk Research
Desk Research of various markets and industry statistics Desk research is one of the complex methods of collection, systematization, and analysis of marketing information. Data in this case is collected
Focus Groups
Focus groups conducting group discussions with consumers of various products or services Focus groups are qualitative types of marketing research and are a popular and flexible way to collect data
Phone surveys (CATI)
Phone surveys (CATI) Surveys of respondents by telephone using software and hardware Phone surveys are one of the most frequently used methods of data collection in marketing and other types
In-depth interviews
In-depth interviews – interviews with members of the target audience or industry experts industry experts In-depth interviews are qualitative types of marketing research and are usually used when there is
Eye tracking
Eye tracking – State-of-the-art methodology for testing visual product attributes Eye Tracking is an advanced technology that allows you to track where a person’s gaze is directed when viewing ads,
Hall tests
Hall tests – testing the properties and characteristics of products, conducting tastings. The hall test methodology allows for a detailed study of the consumer properties of products from various brands
Online focus groups
Online focus group discussions with consumers The focus group is one of the most used and deserved types of qualitative research. However, technology is not standing still, and in recent
Packaging tests
Package testing is a study that reveals the reaction and perception of the buyer to the new packaging of a product. In most cases, the decision to buy is made
Customer Journey
Customer Journey is a marketing research methodology that allows you to study in detail the process of choosing a product or company by the customer, from the idea to the
Sociological expertise
Sociological expertise is mainly used in court proceedings when it is necessary to reveal the attitude of the population or a group of the population to a certain problem. The
Brand health
Brand health research on a company’s image and positioning of its products or services Brand Health – a group of research tasks, the solution of which is focused on identifying
Shop-Along Research
Shop-Along Research – research and monitoring of consumer behavior in the buying process Shop Along is a comprehensive study of shopping/customer behavior, accompanying the consumer “in the natural environment” to
Naming research
Naming research testing brand names in terms of consumer preferences Naming research is usually conducted during the development of a new brand or the rebranding of an existing brand. The
NPS + CSI Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction Indices are necessary to understand how much customers love or hate your company Customer retention is key to the prosperity and growth of
HR research
HR research – Perception and influence of personnel on the company’s brand image and corporate culture. Such researches are necessary for HR managers to understand quickly changes in the company
Online surveys (CAWI)
Online surveys (CAWI) – State-of-the-art quantitative research methodology surveys Online research (CAWI) is a modern, technological solution for fast, focused quantitative data collection, widely used around the world. The use
Value-based segmentation
Value-based segmentation- Consumer segmentation is the division of real and potential consumers of the target audience into subgroups with the same type of needs and buying behavior. Segmentation of consumers
Conjoint analysis – optimization and development of product offerings, market modeling. Is a method that is used primarily to study consumer preferences. It refers to quantitative research methods and is
Usage and Attitude
For the development of new products or adjustments to the consumer properties of products, companies often turn to Usage and Attitude research. This research solution will be useful when it
Market research
Every company needs to launch a new product with a certain periodicity, and every company seeks to reduce the possible risks associated with making the wrong managerial decisions. Conducting a
B2B: process and sales pipeline
Business-to-business is when one company sells its goods or services to another. Agree, if we sell to a person, we understand that their goal is consumption. Be it groceries in
How to create info product?
We’re going to find out what an info product is and why it’s profitable to start an info product business. We’ll consider types of info products, we’ll make step-by-step instructions
How a product can conquer the market
Technology and products continue on the path described in Geoffrey Moore’s book Crossing the chasm, the unsuccessful ones disappearing forever. This article compiles key insights that can help conquer the
Growth Hacking
What is Growth Hacking and Why We Need a Hypothesis Testing Pipeline? What to do if you want to grow faster? You can’t increase your sales plans and advertising budgets
North star metric
In this article, the editors of Smart City Enterprise will tell you what the “north star metric” is, why to use this metric, and most importantly, how to find your
Conversational Marketing changed sales
How Conversational Marketing is changing the world of online sales and how it’s better than traditional marketing. If your work involves marketing, you are familiar with these problems: Leads are
What is a stay-interview?
What is a stay-interview and why is it practiced in the IT industry? Unfortunately, according to statistics, less than a quarter of employees are not going to change their jobs.
“Machine learning” and “Deep learning”
The terms “Machine learning” and “Deep learning” are often considered synonymous, which is a misconception. Both terms can be found in the media or technical articles, but it is important
Dunning-Krueger Effect
The Dunning-Kruger effect is a metacognitive distortion where people with low cognitive abilities overestimate them, and people with high cognitive abilities, on the contrary, underestimate themselves. To put it another
Yerkes-Dodson law
We talk a lot about motivation, personal effectiveness, and performance, and we are used to believing that the best results are achieved with the highest level of motivation, but is
Sales Development Representative
Who is a Sales Development Representative (SDR) and why does your business need one? In the traditional sales world, the focus is on negotiating and closing deals. Meanwhile, sales development
49 mind-releasing questions
We’ve chosen just the right questions for you to help you think more clearly, free your mind, and refresh your psyche.  There is no better training for the brain than
Psychological paradoxes examples
Philosophers and psychologists have done much to make people wiser and happier. However, so far no cure has been found for one property of human nature: simple and clear explanations
Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory
In this article, you will learn about the psychological theory about the structure of cognitive abilities. The theory of three scientists: Raymond Cattell, John Horne, and John Carroll (Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory)
Wechsler iq test
The Wechsler test is one of the best-known and most popular tests for measuring intelligence. It will help you determine both your general intelligence (IQ) and your level of development
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Much has been written about the Myers Briggs personality test (MBTI), either incomprehensibly or incomprehensibly. And even though the test for its definition is often criticized, it remains an important
How to reach your full potential?
In this article, we will tell you about what potential is, how to reach your full potential,  discover it, and understand your strengths and talents. How do you know what
How to overcom Fear of Failure
Fear of failure does one very unpleasant thing: it paralyzes us. One of the reasons for inaction is precisely the fear of failure. No action, no failure. Until one removes
What is biohacking? The term “biohacking” itself has been known for quite some time. Moreover, it is ambiguous and is used in English for several different concepts. First, biohacking is
Johari Window How understand yourself
In the middle of the last century, two psychologists (Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham) proposed a psychological model of self-knowledge (sometimes also called the personal growth model) that continues to
The Veblen Effect
The Veblen effect perfectly characterizes the policy of many marketing campaigns. By studying consumer psychology, manufacturers of expensive and branded goods assure potential customers that it is their product that
Why study all your life?
Why do we study? What is the point of the educational process? Do we need to learn, and how do you feel about the concept of lifelong learning? First of
Motivation Theory
Among quite several different motivation theories, David McClelland’s theory of motivation stands out – an American psychologist, professor, and developer of the latest assessment technique for the thematic apperceptive test.
How to convince everyone to work in Agile
Most customers (public sector and not only) are not ready to work in an Agile environment, because a) They have established fixed-price contract practices (including tenders) b) Customer representatives often
Managing a self-managed team
We said that the self-managed team chooses the way, to achieve the goals. But some set those goals. We are talking about business owners, customers, managers, etc. Scrum doesn’t deny
Sprint Cancellation
The last process left to consider is used only in exceptional cases (Sprint Cancellation). For example, during a sprint, it turns out that the requirements have changed so much that
Agile Retrospective (Scrum)
Agile Retrospective (Scrum) is not just about working on mistakes. It is a process aimed at continually improving the effectiveness of the team. Improvements can be about anything from workplace
Sprint Demo
Sprint Demo- is held on the last day of the sprint or the day after the end of the sprint. The first option is preferable. Don’t be afraid that you
Burndown chart
A burndown chart is a sprint tool that is a metric for success. At the beginning of a sprint, you have a fixed amount of work in story points and
To visualize sprint progress in a scrum, a board is used that came from kanban. Kanban (kan-visual, ban-card, board) is a logistical tool of the Just In Time concept, which
Scrum meeting
Daily Scrum. This process also called a scrum meeting, consists of getting the whole team together at a certain time each day and each taking turns to report back to
Team velocity
Team velocity is a scrum metric that shows how much work a team does per sprint. The amount of work, as you remember, is measured in story points. Therefore, instead
Estimate. To determine which stories a team will be able to accomplish in a sprint, you need to know how much work each story will require. Scrum uses a group
Sprint planning part 2
Sprint planning – technical Stories. This is work to facilitate the creation and support of a product or service. Refactoring is the redesign of parts or even the entire product.
Sprint planning part 1
Sprint planning. Each sprint begins with planning. The whole team is assembled for this purpose. The duration of the planning must be limited by the scrum master, otherwise, it can
In the previous articles, we finished looking at the basic artifacts of the scrum. Let’s start dealing with processes – Scrum Sprint.   The following processes exist in scrum Sprint
What is an Increment in Scrum?
Increment – the sum of all realized requirements of the product backlog. Meets the accepted criteria Product owner decides whether to bring it to the customer or not The increment
Backlog sprint
Backlog sprint – The part of the product backlog selected for implementation in the current sprint. – Selected by the team based on priorities – Digitalized so that you can
Product backlog
Product backlog – an artifact is any man-made object. The main ones in scrum are considered to be the following: Artifacts – Product backlog – Sprint backlog – Increment In
Scrum Master
The Scrum Master Mission – teach the team how to interact with each other and with business representatives. One of the members of the development team becomes a scrum master.
Product owner vs product manager
The product owner’s Mission –  is to maximize the value of the product and the work Defines and communicates product requirements and priorities. Determines release date and content Responsible for
Scrum team roles
Scrum team roles are not positions. They are certain rights and responsibilities that are given to those involved in the processes. In scrum they are as follows: – The Team
Introduction to Scrum
Scrum framework is the most popular agile methodologies, and it allows you to lead projects in different industries (although it originated in IT). The creators of Scrum do not call
In which projects to apply Agile
Advantages of Agile According to statistics: projects that use agile approaches are 4 times more successful than those that use the traditional approach. These figures are based on data from
Agile Values and Principles
This article provides an overview of the most commonly used Agile values and principles. Not surprisingly, Agile offered an effective replacement for the traditional waterfall project management model. Because of
The essence of Agile
Agile project management methodologies are the application of agile software development principles to various management processes, especially project management. Agile project management methodologies Imagine that we need to cross a
OSINT: Methods and Tools
OSINT Methods OSINT tools used in open-source intelligence: OSINT framework, Metagoofil, Shodan. All methods and tools used in open-source intelligence can be divided into two categories. Passive Allow you to
OSINT: Exploration based on open sources
Every year the number of Internet users grows. By early October 2020, 4.9 billion people – that’s 63.2% of the earth’s population – were using the Internet. The size of
Google $100,000 to teach employees of the world
Although Google has long and clearly stated that it will not certify SEO professionals, similar to certifications for Google Ads, Google Analytics, and a variety of other services, things seem
SWOT analysis. Creating a marketing strategy
SWOT analysis – allows you to analyze the activities of a company or a specific product. It is used to assess the impact of weaknesses and threats on the company’s
4U: how to write a sales title in 2 minutes
The title is one of the main elements in the text. Everything depends on it. The wrong headline can kill a good ad campaign outright. Or it can pull out
B2B: Process and sales pipeline
About B2B simply: the process and the sales pipeline B2B sales or Business-to-business is when one company sells its products or services to another. Agree, if we sell to an
How to lose a customer
No reply for a long time: By leaving a potential buyer or prospective client unanswered for hours, you’re allowing them to check in with your competitors and “chill out” when
landing page in 2022 checklist part 2
A landing page is a business card of a company, created to describe the product/service and to collect contacts of potential customers interested in your niche. The presence of additional
landing page in 2022 checklist
A landing page or landing page is a one-page website – the company’s business card, created to describe the product/service and collect contacts of potential customers interested in your niche.
Outbound sales – how are they done?
The next step of outbound sales – how are they done? What is the process? Do you want to make a list of the people you want to contact? Make