Shop-Along Research – research and monitoring of consumer behavior in the buying process

Shop Along is a comprehensive study of shopping/customer behavior, accompanying the consumer “in the natural environment” to solve the following problems:

  • Researching real buyer behavior;
  • Understanding what motivates a customer to make a decision;
  • Studying how the structure of the outlet is perceived;
  • What motivates a purchase (triggers);
  • How advertising activities influence human behavior;
  • Evaluating the impact of all methods of communication with the customer;
  • What prevents people from buying the product, and what prompts them to act to buy?

Accompanied purchases can occur at any point of sale, supermarket, or online.consumer behavior
Using this method of research provides an opportunity to learn all the subtleties that affect the purchasing process.
The methodology is customizable to the client’s needs and can vary depending on the objectives.

Both non-involved and included observation is used, mostly accompanied by customer development.