Service Pricing

1. Market Research

Market research is the service for research, analysis, or comparison of any business data on the global internet from public and paid sources. Service covers the following research types:

1.1 Product Research

Product research is the service that companies use to compare of the product with the competitive solution or compare product quality and pricing during procurement.
The product research report shows the national or global market status and product position. It is widely used for segmenting features, pricing, and quality, including firmographic details and segmentation. Analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Price starts at €750

1.2 Competition Research

Competition research is the service that companies use to understand their direct and indirect competitors and for a better understanding of how to develop product mixes and marketing.

The research method helps to determine strategies and analyze the business process, offers a position, quality, and market share. The research includes Brand tracking that measures brand health, awareness, equity, usage, and loyalty. Competition research results help your company better understand and manage advertisement research, audience, and choice modeling.

Price starts at €750

1.3 Industry Research

Industry research is the service that companies use to forecast their business development. It is an analysis of the global market in specific business industry.

It is widely used for segmenting geographic and demographic differences (age, gender, ethnicity, etc.), technographic differences, psychographic differences, and differences in product use. It includes a complete examination of a firm’s Political, Economic, Social, and Technological external factors, which may impact the company’s objectives or profitability. Determines the market size and derive the figures of potential customer segments and business volume.

Price starts at €750

2. Lead Generation

Lead generation by Smart City Enterprise is the service for researching new business opportunities across global countries, industries, and companies. Available lead types:

6.1 Cold B2B Leads

Cold leads are contacts crawled by online robots on public data sources. Usually, it is the name of the Company, website link, and all emails and phone numbers published on the company’s website.

Price starts from €1,5 per lead

6.2 Hot B2B Leads

Hot leads often called “opportunities” are contacts received by Smart City Enterprise from a custom offer campaign/pre-sale process. We contact your potential clients, offer them your product/service or solution, and based on their engagement, we mark the lead as “hot”. The hot lead is ready to listen more about your product. Over the call/video/physical meeting.

Price starts from €85 per lead

3. Product Development

Typical product offer development handles three phases that cover all communication channels.

The first phase represents the analysis of strengths and weaknesses, defines the product value, and describes the main message of the product to the customer. Defines product headlines.

The second phase simulates use cases on global industries and business sectors. Generates new options for product usage and advanced value to describe products to different (new) customers.

The third phase represents the product to offer content development. Our sales content writers use various mechanisms to build the high-convertible offer that will be released to the pre-sales.

Price starts at €1.290 per month

4. Business Development

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization from the perspective of customers, markets, and relationships. Business development activities companies use to improve their pre-sales, sales, and marketing.
The business development process focuses on the performance of the sales to drive sales process from lead to business opportunity, and from the opportunity to the business deal.

4.1 Pre-sales

The pre-sales process by Smart City Enterprise is the service of converting Lead into Opportunity by using a special sequence of communication to increase the probability of potential customer’s reactions to the offer.

The presale sequence contains a set of communication channels that are either used physically by pre-sales experts or the execution of the communication is automated by various marketing and sales performance tools. The main pre-sale process actions are:

4.1.1 Pre-sales management

Pre-sales management and communication management cover the organization of the plan, execution, and control of the company’s external business communication. This service includes sales letters and offers writing, pre-sale, sales, chat, and call center script writing and their on-time execution.

Planning service lets understand what communication should be released, to whom it should be sent, and in optimal timing. Writing service follows sociology rules, works with keywords, and motivates the recipient to make an action.

Price starts at €1.290

4.1.2 Online marketing management

Marketing tools are automation systems for the promotion of the product or company, including complex analytics for appropriate advertising, promotion, brand awareness, and communication plan execution strategies.

Marketing tools also cover social network management, as a part of brand awareness and advertising strategy execution. Our automation tools work with all the usual social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, VKontakte, etc.

Price starts at €450

4.1.3 Multi-channel campaign management

Campaign management by Smart City Enterprise is the planning, configuration, execution, and analysis of communication campaigns across all communication channels, like E-mail, Call, Chatbot, Social networks, and Messengers.

Price starts at €450


4.2 Sales

The sales process by Smart City Enterprise is the consulting service for leading the conversion of business opportunities into a business deal. Direct interaction and proper communication of our sales managers increase the probability of positive customer reactions.


4.2.1 Sales management

Sales workflow management is a service that coordinates sales activity in a way for faster conversion of business opportunities into business deals. The sales management process is executed by the complex monitoring of sales sequences and communication patterns in areas. The Sales management process is minimum for one-year contract duration and the following conditions:

  • Below € 500.000 = € 1850 monthly fee + 4.6% of net revenue
  • Over € 500.000 = € 2475 monthly fee + 2.8% of net revenue

5. Tendering and Procurement

Tender management is the service for monitoring your international business opportunities. We use a keyword research system that searches your industry business opportunities on public sources, as well as in paid global tendering platforms.

On the other side, we have an in-house developed tagging system in our CRM platform that matches your company to the tender and generates cold tender leads. The cold tender lead generation work is purely robotic.

These tenders are further analyzed by procurement specialists who select those tenders only that increase validity to fit your area of interest. This human approach excludes those that are not relevant to your company.

5.1 Tender opportunity research

Get twice a month reports and data about pre-selected tenders in 3 countries of interest. Daily tracking of tenders based on your product category and keywords. Collection of cold tender opportunities with descriptions and contacts. Receive a weekly list of tender opportunities and basic reports about your market of interest.

Price starts from €369 per month

5.2 Qualification criteria

The advanced service package for Tender opportunity research. Human-based validation of RFI and RFC tickets. Custom reports and dashboards either online portal or export of raw data (CSV, XML, XLS) to your CRM. Use custom fields, custom calculation fields (with formula).

Price starts from €749 per month

5.3 Bid strategy development

Deep dive analysis of the tender requirement. Review of both parties’ documentation, bidding rules, and stakeholders matrix. Definition of data sets required for bidding. Development of bid strategy, bidding plan, collection of contacts, and public information available about the tender.

Price starts from €749 per bid

5.4 Pre-tender communication management

Pre-tender communication with stakeholders. Establish relationships, arrange meetings, and introduce yourself. Meet the key people even when you are not bidding. Make more contacts, meet more people, and present your product to a new auditory. Every contact found during tender research is high-value and is the opportunity to develop new relationships. Develop the contact database, build a contact network, and locate decision-makers and decision impactors.

Price starts from €849 per bid

5.5 Bid management

Bid management is a complex process that might take even several years to develop relations, build authority and trust, and bid in the tender. We offer a complex service for the bidding process, including project management, documentation, analysis, architecture, and the organization of tender project stakeholders.

We maintain technical, methodical, process, and business-oriented communication, including senior capacities for the development of: Requirement for Change (RFC), High-level (HL) architecture, Implementation plans, Financial plans

We maintain selected bid projects as a project case, we track bid participants, support documentation, and pay attention to deadlines, including following the escalation process whatever gap occurs during the bid participation process.

Price starts from €350 per bid

Pricelist update: 10.4.2022