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Focus group


Focus groups conduct group discussions with consumers of various products or services. Such an approach makes it possible to obtain a detailed vision of the research subject and its positive and negative sides in the eyes of interviewed independent respondents.

Scope of focus group setting

  • Define the research objectives
  • Select quality respondents
  • Experienced moderators
  • Groups in different countries
  • Questionairies
  • Materials distribution
  • Materials distribution
  • Analyzed data collection
  • Collect and analyze data

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Deliverables of focus group execution

  • Participants should not feel pressure to have a natural conversation, the focus group moderator allows each respondent to express him/herself;
  • The success of FGs largely depends on the moderator’s personality, his experience in interacting with the audience, and his skills in making people engage in the conversation;
  • In FGs, the task of the moderator is not to allow the most active participants to suppress the more reserved respondents, to avoid the appearance of a dominating opinion, distorting group perception;
  • The FGs moderator deepens the respondents’ answers by guiding questions, allowing them to form and verbalize the explanations of the actions that the majority of consumers do on the unconscious level (“on automatic”);
  • Even non-verbal reactions of respondents in the focus group are often taken into account when conducting analytics.


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