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Tender Negotiation


Tender negotiation is a communicative process necessary in situations where two or more parties have to reach a common, agreed position. Negotiation is required at almost every stage of a deal or project.

Scope of tender negotiation

  • Tender negotiation
  • Technical discussions
  • Business discussions
  • Project discussion
  • Scope negotiation
  • Price negotiation
  • Contract negotiation
  • Custom negotiations

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Deliverables of tender negotiation

Negotiation from acquiring land and obtaining planning permission, making appointments, awarding contracts, negotiating change orders and extensions of time, resolving disputes, and so on. This involves being able to understand the position of the other side and seeing an issue from their point-of-view, discussing each side’s perception openly, focusing on underlying concerns rather than stated positions, ensuring everyone can participate so they have a stake in the outcome, making proposals consistent with the values of the other party and avoiding making assumptions.


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