Our Vision

It is the rule of nature that the Earth cares for you when you care for the Earth. So we give our energy to be at least a small part of drivers who work in the entire approach to improve our environment by supporting smart and green cities development first and changing the traditional way of business communication as a second.

Smart City Enterprise is changing current consumption-based business communication approaches that use travels, personal meetings, hotels, taxis, lunches, dinners, and similar time and money-consuming actions, into a digital-based format, right from your office or home seat.

Our vision is to run the road of maximizing the visualization, and later virtualization of industrial products presentation, automation of low-efficient business communication, and changing the hours of meetings into few minutes videos on first stages, and into Augmented and Virtual reality showcases at the end of our business development road.

Our Presence

We have plenty of tools that drive our service to increase the speed of communication between business and project stakeholders. We bring comfort to building million dollars relationships right from your office seat. We save money for business trips, and for conservatively managing pre-sales budgets.

Smart City Enterprise is accelerating Smart City and Industrial Innovation development globally. We are the leading global smart city network of many smart-oriented websites, a community with 150.000+ members from 139 countries, featuring 1.000+ smart city solutions implemented in 1.000+ cities and communities across the globe.

Smart City Enterprise facilitates the global exchange of best practice solutions, creates market transparency as a trusted, independent platform, and efficiently connects cities, businesses, and communities. We manage and operate a global knowledge base, featuring smart cities strategy and promoting solutions insights via sales performance, tender management, and powerful marketing tools.

To be successful, it is key to take all players into account. Business, Government, and most important – People utilizing collective intelligence to develop communication in cities of the future – Smart Cities.

Murphy Morningstar Casual 420With our hundreds of domains for promoting client’s business development and process innovation, supported by senior IT/process/business experienced professionals we are building the capacity to audit, execute and improve any business, or logistics processes that help to serve better service of any company (B2B), and city (B2G) size.

Laco Vencel (CEO, Smart City Enterprise)