Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the respondent want to participate in surveys?
Receive payment for their time, valuable products, or bonuses from the company, and participate in the opportunity to influence the quality of the manufacturer’s products and make them better.
How often do respondents engage in surveys?
Following the rules of ESOMAR, the ability to participate no more than 4 times a month, this parameter is controlled by the agency.
How are respondents chosen?
Respondents are selected according to their characteristics (socio-demographic data, occupation, income level, etc.). The survey includes questions to sift out respondents who are not suitable for working on the client’s
How does it work?
The work is based on automated e-mail invitations to respondents to participate in surveys, with the targeting of basic attributes, which at this stage already filters out inadvertently unsuitable audiences.
Can we pay only for leads?
Yes, but we don’t recommend doing this model with us. Our value is not in plain lead generation. We are senior people with 15+ years of...
How big is your contact database? How it works?
We work with online data. We have our own system with 80+ tools in automated chains that execute our jobs, including in-house crawling system
What’s the average appointment acquisition cost?
Depends on the product or service, but typically our clients report in two segments. Faster moving goods and services report $25 to $85...
When will we see our first leads/appointment?
Very often we see appointments coming during the 1st week of our campaigns start, then the peak is after 3 weeks with the execution...
How many people attend the project?
It depends on the scope of the project, but the most often configuration is allocation of 4 people for about 33% of their working time.
What happens if you don’t fulfill the commitment?
If our regular work will not bring such results, we will work for free to reach promised minimal conversion.
Launch a startup, how long does it take?
We have blueprints and automation for project processes so it takes about one week only from the kick-off meeting to launch the work.
How to start the cooperation?
We will meet and audit your requirements. Then we will sign NDA and will develop the work scope. Then we sign the contract and you will...
Choosing the specialists for the project
Sales manager – the person who will cooperate with us and discuss our analysis results. IT – the person who helps us with the integration...
How to Find Clients for Large Companies?
If you have your own cold-leads database we can use it to start. Based on this testing we will set up A/B testing and rewrite...
How to Find Clients for Startups?
If you are a fresh startup that did not do any action yet, we start with the product description and research of business industries for...
What do you mean under words “qualified lead”?
It depends on your custom eligibility criteria, but generally, it is the client who shared his contact details, read your product offer
Do you think e-mail marketing still works?
Are you reading your e-mails? When somebody writes to you and it fell into your inbox (not to spam) and the email looks like...
How long takes the work to find new clients?
Generally, we can start within 14 days from our first call, initial settings will take about 1 month, then 3 months testing, optimizing,...
What is the cost of your services?
We work based on the project plan that’s specific for every customer. The lowest case we do is monthly 1890 + TAX that includes research...
We have a specific niche. Can you find leads?
Specific niche is just the question about the cost of the lead. Generally, if you have a profile of the customer (persona), or we can...
How do you do mailing campaigns?
Anyhow you need to process your mailing. We have own mailing servers and infrastructure, and we daily track our deliverability quality.
We have all your offer managed internally?
In this case, we work as an additional channel. We can cover countries that are not in your core interest, or we can help with new...
What do you mean by Digital marketing?
We support all commercial tools Google, Yandex, Bing, all popular social networks like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, including messengers.
How step-by-step works your lead generation
First, we use our in-house crawling bots that research the internet and find all companies in the country of your interest.
How to export without extending our staff?
Yes, it is possible. Delegate your foreign activity of the company Smart City Enterprise and control it in a remote format.
How expensive to sell goods abroad?
To sell products in foreign markets at the highest possible price it is necessary to use all possible marketing tools, sales, and contract...
How to evaluate our export opportunities?
To determine the status of the readiness of your business to export operations, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary diagnosis that...
Where do you get Leads?
We have access to hundreds of open data sources, such as Google, LinkedIn, CrunchBase, Glassdoor, D & B, Xing, etc., which we use to...
Different from outsourcing marketing agency
We are an acquisition partner. We assign a team and carry out the project – our managers are not transmitted to outsourcing.
Average cost of a meeting appointment
Usually, our customers report that it is between $200-400 and depends on the industry. However, this number may be less or more...
What happens if you do not fulfill the obligation?
If there are constraints or organizational problems (system issues, vacations, sickness) we communicate with customers and moving deadlines.
What is your communication format?
We allocate 1 responsible person on each side with consideration of your convenient communication channel.
Which products for marketing promotion?
Product, whose success we do not believe, or you do not have the opportunity to spend on marketing from 1000 USD per month for a minimum...
Why to think about choosing the right market?
Determining the most profitable market for your product is one of the most important strategic decisions.
How to start export if company is not ready?
Export sales do not start overnight. First, the company and the team prepare for work on the international market and such preparation...
We export, how do we expand the market?
It is good that you are already involved in this process – it means that you understand the importance of each step and think it through...
Can we cancel contract with you anytime?
Yes, of course. We provide service. There is a project plan for every project we are doing, including timeline, and milestones.
How do you keep track of a company’s progress?
We will assign a manager who will report to you on our progress weekly. Additionally, we will generate comprehensive marketing reports...
Where do you get leads from?
We have access to hundreds of open data sources like Google, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Glassdoor, etc. that we use to manually pull data piece...