Market research – analysis of the state, trends, and dynamics of the market under study

Every company needs to launch a new product with a certain periodicity, and every company seeks to reduce the possible risks associated with making the wrong managerial decisions. Conducting a market analysis allows you to look at the current state of affairs to be aware of the slightest changes and established market trends.

A great number of manufacturers at a time are competing for the right to be the best in their markets, striving to become the key players. Smart City Enterprise offers you to do market research to find out the position of your business in the market you are studying. With the help of complex desk research and quantitative research, we will be able to make a multilevel analysis of all aspects of your brand’s influence on market relations with customers and competitors.

Surveys of experts

Surveys of industry experts, market players, and supervisory structures

Competitive Intelligence

Gathering information about the market segment under study by conducting a legendary survey

*Applies data from existing companies


Private databases of industry statistics, data from government agencies, Information resources of market players

Open sources

Media data, joint-stock company reports, verified publications in open sources

Market analysis

The market becomes more predictable for any company when there is a clear picture of the state of the industry as a whole. As we conduct market research and implement market analysis, we will focus on the following questions:

  • General characteristics of the industry under study, market trends;
  • Evaluation of the volume and dynamics of the market;
  • Services, products, and goods produced. What exactly this market offers to the consumer;
  • The behavior and preferences of buyers in terms of the studied product category;
  • Attitude of consumers to market players;
  • Segmentation of consumers, the definition of the most important segments. Research is usually performed on a product-by-product basis;
  • Market conditions. General economic situation;
  • Dynamics of the price level. What does the general picture of the market look like in the offers of competitor companies;
  • Volume and structure of export/import of the product;
  • Study of regional features;
  • Study sales systems and main sales channels in the market;
  • Prospects and forecast of market development.

Thanks to a combination of research methods: analysis of expert interviews, surveys, desk research, analysis of foreign economic activity databases, etc., it is possible to conduct an exhaustive evaluation of the industry and to prepare market forecasts, which are distinguished by a high enough accuracy.
Timely analysis of the market situation allows the client company to minimize possible risks thanks to the data obtained from the research.