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Smart City Enterprise

Business Network for Smart Cities Developers

For B2B innovation product sellers, government, and city representatives.

Online mediation full-service to buy, sell, promote or procure a product.

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B2B, leads, sales, product, and marketing.

Accelerate sales of B2B products, services, or solutions. Services focused on finding and closing new business deals. AI-driven bots find a potential customer of a product. High-convertible actionable offers and pre-sale sequences increase the product impression. A systematic sales approach save time and increase the probability of higher revenue.

Smart Sales Network.com

Research, sales, product, and marketing.

smart city mission


B2G, product development, channels development.

Smart Cities developers and integrators coordination guide. Research and compare 139 countries with Smart City strategy in areas of infrastructure, transportation, energy, health-care, and education. Product strategy, management, presentation. Apply promotion methods that makes product actionable – as a part of pre-tendering work.

Smart City Mission.com

Tenders for innovation leaders

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Innovation tenders, bid management, procurement support.

The place for project integrators, and solution suppliers to get noticed about a public tender related to smart city and innovation projects. AI-based research and tagging structure find and match your product with the implementation tender. Documentary service for projects and solution functional, technical, and architecture specification.

Smart City Tenders.com

Guide for city representatives

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City representatives and government.

Government guide to select and process Smart City and business innovation projects. Research and compare solutions on the global market. Research of value, functional, and technical parameters. Monitor global trends in area of Smart Cities, Get mentoring of the city strategy to become the world market trend-setter.

Smart Cities Advisor.com

Super-convertible website network

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Cities rating, projects, strategies, news.

An education and promotion platform for innovation projects, solutions, and technologies. Provides various audiences with content about smart cities, project, and solution implementation and strategies. The web tracks and shares information about cities rating, monitor events, conferences, and philosophy of development scenarios.

About Smart Cities.com

Save thousands, earn millions, and even make the world better*.

*better in quality, by using innovation and sustainable power