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Bid Assistance


Bid Assistance Services for customers in countries where they do not have a local presence. With the help of our agents spread across countries and our in-house Bid Consultancy expertshelp in Bidding for projects.

Scope of bidding assistance

  • Commercial offer writing
  • Offer proof-reading
  • Offer process
  • Technical specification
  • Commercial specification
  • Presentation

Rajeev Nadella Casual 420

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Procurement Management Expert


Deliverables of bidding assistance

Complete step-by-step work for bid document procurement. Submission of Proposal/Bid on time and its entirety. Represent the client at the pre-bid conferences. Ensure that client organization is compliant with local bidding processes.Report back the summary and key actions required by them. Follow-up and consequence activities with the tendering authority on the client’s behalf.


Starts at 350€