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Product Research


Product research is the service that companies use for comparison of the product with the competitive solution, or compare product quality and pricing during the procurement.

Get into your product-related details, understand values and trends in the industry. Get statistics and interesting analysis across your worldwide competitors.

The product research report shows the national or global market status and product position. It is widely used for segmenting features, pricing, and quality, including firmographics details and segmentation. Analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

  • Product competition
  • Market research
  • Product quality analysis
  • Product values analysis
  • Customer segment analysis
  • Quality of product descriptions
  • Quality of product offer

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Product research gives to you an advantage against your competitors, knowledge of their product quality, pricing, and much more. Our bots collect information from hundreds of sources and aggregate information about industrial trends. Based on these data our analysts create valuable statistics that can show you the direction of the industry for the next years.