Sprint Demo- is held on the last day of the sprint or the day after the end of the sprint. The first option is preferable. Don’t be afraid that you won’t have time to implement the entire backlog of the sprint because of meetings. After all, the team’s focus factor takes into account that some of the time is spent on team processes and this automatically affects planning.

In the second case,

there is a gap between the end of one sprint and the beginning of the next. This approach can be recommended if the sprint review and retrospective, which we will cover in the next session, take about a day in total.Sprint Demo scrum

The time of the demonstration is communicated in advance to all interested parties. In addition to the team, colleagues from other company projects and managers often come to see the results. The representatives of the customers or users can be present, either directly or online. Openness is one of the values of the scrum.

The team members take turns at the monitor, screen, or booth, demonstrating the results of their stories, explaining what’s what, and answering questions. If something breaks and doesn’t work, the author is responsible for the result under the stares and remarks of those present.

This process should not be neglected,

considering it an afterthought. First, it gives the product owner confidence and a clear idea of what he is conveying to customers, how it works, and how to present it. Second, when each team member knows that at the end of the sprint everyone will be looking at the fruits of their creativity, it further motivates them to do their job well. Thirdly, the viewers’ feedback is born during the show, which on the one hand predicts the users’ reaction, and on the other hand, brings valuable ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Based on the results of the review, the product owner decides whether to show this increment to users and customers or keep it as an internal release.

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