Desk Research of various markets and industry statistics

Desk research is one of the complex methods of collection, systematization, and analysis of marketing information. Data in this case is collected mainly with the help of open sources and specialized databases.

What is desk research?

This type of research is used during preparatory data analysis to formulate objectives for subsequent field research, as well as to observe how the object of research changes over time or under the influence of external factors. Working with researches on such a plan is often caused by the need to study the general picture of what is happening in the market segment of interest, when the general idea for research is rather necessary, then there is always a possibility to carry out additional full-scale field research of separate aspects.

Smart City Enterprise

can help you take advantage of desk research for the most detailed market research .

The purposes of the study using this method may be:

  • Getting an overview of the current market situation;
  • Estimation of the capacity and volume of the market;
  • Market shares of the largest competitors;
  • Analysis of the competitive environment in the occupied segment;
  • Price policy within the investigated product categories;
  • Structure of import/export of goods;
  • Definition of key sales channels;
  • Identification of existing promotion channels;
  • Dynamics of the market for the given time intervals;
  • Consumption forecast (in the medium term).