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Face-to-face interviews – among the types of quantitative research, the most commonly used method of collecting data on targeted decommissioning. The interviewer interacts directly with the respondent by asking questions based on a formal survey. Surveys conducted by face-to-face interviewing of consumers of various goods or services are conducted either using tablets (CAPI) or paper […]

Market research – analysis of the state, trends, and dynamics of the market under study Every company needs to launch a new product with a certain periodicity, and every company seeks to reduce the possible risks associated with making the wrong managerial decisions. Conducting a market analysis allows you to look at the current state […]

Surveys by voice robot technological solution for conducting surveys of respondents. Conducting a telephone survey refers to the classic methods of conducting sociological research, which in turn is not low cost (primarily on the payroll of the Call Center staff). Our company has developed unique software that allows you to automatically conduct surveys over the […]

Desk Research of various markets and industry statistics Desk research is one of the complex methods of collection, systematization, and analysis of marketing information. Data in this case is collected mainly with the help of open sources and specialized databases. What is desk research? This type of research is used during preparatory data analysis to […]

Focus groups conducting group discussions with consumers of various products or services Focus groups are qualitative types of marketing research and are a popular and flexible way to collect data through moderated discussions with groups of respondents. Such an approach makes it possible to obtain a detailed vision of the research subject, and its positive […]

Phone surveys (CATI) Surveys of respondents by telephone using software and hardware Phone surveys are one of the most frequently used methods of data collection in marketing and other types of sociological research – along with face-to-face interviews and online surveys. This method refers to quantitative methods, which involve the use of rigidly structured questionnaires […]

Eye tracking – State-of-the-art methodology for testing visual product attributes Eye Tracking is an advanced technology that allows you to track where a person’s gaze is directed when viewing ads, design layouts, websites, other marketing communications media, or when in contact with product packaging. It is the most objective method of measuring consumer attention. Technically […]

Hall tests – testing the properties and characteristics of products, conducting tastings. The hall test methodology allows for a detailed study of the consumer properties of products from various brands through testing the convenience and design of packaging, concepts, perceived price, or taste. Most often this technique is used when it is necessary to demonstrate […]

Online focus group discussions with consumers The focus group is one of the most used and deserved types of qualitative research. However, technology is not standing still, and in recent years online focus groups as a full-fledged analog of FG have gained considerable popularity among researchers. The method of online focus groups is perfect when […]