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smart city strategy

Promoting a smart city strategy can help to improve the quality of life for residents, reduce environmental impact, and create a more efficient and sustainable city. Here are some steps that cities can take to promote their smart strategy: 1. Engage stakeholders: Engage stakeholders, including residents, businesses, and other organizations, to gather input and feedback […]

city communication

Making city communication more engaging and interesting can help to increase residents’ understanding and engagement with city initiatives, programs, and services. Here are some steps that cities can take to make their communication more interesting and engaging: Use storytelling: Use storytelling to communicate information about city initiatives, programs, and services. This can help to make […]

quality process

A performance analysis that aims to find gaps to improve the quality of processes (business process) should deliver several key outcomes: A clear understanding of the process: The analysis should provide a detailed understanding of how the process is currently being executed, including the steps involved, the resources used, and the key performance indicators. Identify […]

Soft skills

The first mention of this term dates back to 1972 when it was used in a speech at a conference in the United States (What are Soft Skills, 1972). Since then, many definitions of soft skills have appeared, overlapping with the concepts of non-cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, and social skills What are soft skills? In […]

consumer driven

What does “decision-making” mean? Consumers of goods and services want more and better services at lower prices, and companies need to cover their costs and make profits. The basis of decision-making by managers is to find a balance between interests and opportunities. In any case, they should consider the interests of consumers, because the operation […]

pareto principle

Many people do not know that the Pareto Principle itself is not part of science. Pareto. He was the first to discover this pattern, calculating that 80% of all wealth in Italy belongs to 20% of the people. There is also a story in which Pareto, working in a garden, noticed that 80% of peas […]

Japanese 5S system

What is the 5S System? The Japanese 5S system is a structured system that allows you to create an optimal working environment in your production or office. The way to achieve ideal conditions is to get the workplace in order, to be clean and tidy, and to develop measures that save time and energy. In […]

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Every year our life is getting better and the numbers prove it, the world population has grown from 751 million in 1950 to 8 billion in 2022. And by 2050, the UN predicts that the global population will reach 11 billion. How can cities prepare for resource allocation and a sustainable future? This is hard […]


The term “cyberloafing” is rooted in the understanding of using the Internet for personal purposes. Since watching a 2-hour movie at work and playing games together aren’t appropriate, it’s the only way to use social media. Indeed, scrolling through news feeds on Facebook, liking stars on Instagram, and transmitting a dozen pictures from a weekend […]