Surveys by voice robot technological solution for conducting surveys of respondents.

Conducting a telephone survey refers to the classic methods of conducting sociological research, which in turn is not low cost (primarily on the payroll of the Call Center staff).

Our company has developed unique software that allows you to automatically conduct surveys over the phone intelligent voice robot. Thanks to the use of this software and hardware complex it is possible to achieve the following performance indicators:

  • 50% cost savings on conducting the field phase of a research project
  • Less time-consuming for large projects with large samples of mass audiences *For projects with a sample of more than 500 respondents

“Smarty” voice robot

It is a sophisticated software product, capable of a meaningful dialogue with the interlocutor, hardly distinguishable from communication with a call center employee. This kind of software, known as a phone robot, is used by many companies to handle incoming calls and filter typical customer inquiries.

The product was originally designed directly for conducting sociological surveys of consumers (unlike many other solutions existing in the market), but also later received other options for use in enterprises.

Benefits of the Smarty robot

  • Conversion up to 29%* of the number of contacts – the robot developed by our company has a meaningful, live dialogue with the respondent, so it shows an extremely high conversion rate. The efficiency of the calls is only as good as that of the live operators;
  • From 10 parallel streams – for each project it is possible to run 30 or more robotic operators at a time, which continuously make calls within a specified time range;
  • The possibility of quotas – as soon as the required number of successful calls is reached, the robot stops its work, notifying the system administrator. Thus, you will not receive a single redundant call.

*The actual conversion rate depends on the “warmth” of the contact base used. We can use both our phone base and the base provided by the Customer.

How the project work is structured

Like any other robot whose purpose and task is aimed at voice communication with customers, “Smarty” is programmed taking into account the script of the conversation. Our analysts will develop a suitable questionnaire for your company’s tasks, the length of which should not exceed 3-5 questions. The use of longer tools is possible for tracking projects (i.e. held on a regular basis).