Fear of failure does one very unpleasant thing: it paralyzes us. One of the reasons for inaction is precisely the fear of failure. No action, no failure. Until one removes this very negative emotion, one is not ready to make a qualitative leap in one’s life.

You must focus on the first line of defense, the so-called psychological armor. To develop it, you must change your perspective on the fear of failure. Six ways to do this are suggested below.How to overcom Fear of Failure

Failure is only a stepping stone to the top.

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. We attach too much importance to failure, don’t we? We think that failure is the final result, an undesirable event. And we miss an important point: failure is only part of a very long process of learning and growth.

Surely you know people who only get stronger and wiser after their failures. How do they deal with it?

If you look closely, you will see that they have developed a unique way of thinking. For them, failure is just part of success. They have developed immunity to the fear of failure because they are not afraid to learn from their mistakes. If you make a mistake, it signals that you’ve done something wrong, that’s all. It means you have to change your approach, not keep applying the same one all the time. So failure is not a separate event, it’s part of the success process.
Failure is not the finish line. It’s just a stepping stone on the way to the finish line.

Fear of Failure is an event, not a person

In school, many people were ridiculed for making mistakes. So if a person wants to grow as a person, he must understand a simple thing: failure is an event.

If your idea did not bring results, your self-esteem should not fall. Never be sure of your idea. Believe in it, but don’t be overconfident. Only then will you be able to separate your idea from your personality. Recognize the idea as your own only when it is successful, before that it is only an attempt and nothing more.

You just experiment and see what works and what does not. This is a wonderful approach to ideas. Even the people around you after your failures, seeing that you are not discouraged and do not consider failure as something personal, will give you extra support.

Failure is the only way.

If you are beaten every time, it means the goal is close or too big. You only fail if you step into unfamiliar territory. And if you are stepping into unfamiliar territory, then you are progressing. You cannot succeed in an area that everyone knows perfectly well without you. You’re looking for unfamiliar paths and you’re getting your lumps in.

Simply put, if you are not wrong, then you will never know what your abilities and limits are. No breakthrough is possible without pushing back the boundaries of what is possible for you. Failure is only an indicator that you are experimenting and learning.

Failure is a consequence of seeking innovation

“I didn’t make a mistake. I just found ten thousand ways that don’t work” – Edison’s famous phrase is the best representation of his way of thinking.

Creativity is different from innovation because an innovator not only has a great idea, he also dares to bring it to life. Every innovator is a creative person, but it is not always the other way around.

What happens when an innovator tries to implement his most daring idea? Yes, he is usually defeated by the world’s rejection of his invention. If the innovator stops at this point, then he has indeed failed. But if he has concluded from his defeat, then he is closer to his dream. Remember that when you succeed, people will forget your failures. That’s why we only remember geniuses for their successes.

Fear of Failure is not as bad as it seems.

“Experience is simply the accurate name for our mistakes.” Oscar Wilde.

Can we go even further and enjoy our mistakes, defeat,s, and failures? And don’t you think the fear of failure is much more painful than the failure itself?

The more often you fail, the more common they become for you. The first failures may have been the end of the world for them, but they did not stop and did not give up. And after the hundredth failure,e they were no longer afraid at all. Now compare them to a person who is so afraid of failure that they are incapable of even taking action.

Fall in love with failure. You can make mistakes on purpose so that you can train yourself to act even when there is a serious possibility of failure.

With each failure, you gain a new experience if you don’t repeat it.

Everyone is afraid.

Everyone experiences fear because no one has abolished psychology yet. Don’t see fear as the ultimate emotion, as the finish line. Fear is normal. Just let it spur you on, not paralyze you. Tame your fear and make it work for you.

Agree, because successful people achieve success, not because they are not afraid of fear, but becausetheye overcame it. The successful person has achieved the goal, the unsuccessful one has not. And somewhere in between these two people lies their relationship to fear. The first exploits fea, while the second is paralyzed by it.

We hope these tips will help you gain confidence and change your mindset to a more productive one. Remember that it’s okay to be afraid, and live with it.