In this article, we will tell you about what potential is, how to reach your full potential,  discover it, and understand your strengths and talents.

How do you know what you’re capable of?

Of course, it would be great if each of us had a booklet called “A Guide to Unlocking the Potential of the Person, the Human Body, etc.” open it, read it, apply it, and it’s done. But there is no universal recipe, suitable for absolutely everyone in this matter. The method for determining one’s strengths and hidden potential depends on what goal one sets for to reach your full potential

“Johari Window.”

The Johari Window method was developed by psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham (the name of the method derives from the first parts of the creators’ names). It is a psychological model of self-knowledge, which is aimed at revealing one’s strengths, eliminating gaps in the perception of one’s self, and revealing hidden zones of personality.


When it comes to the development of personality potential, we should not forget about the hidden possibilities of the body, i.e. the potential of his human nature, and physical and psychological resources, because if they are close to zero, the goals do not match the possibilities of the body, then it makes no sense to talk about human development as a person.

To unlock the potential of the body, the authors of the book about Biohacking recommend working on both internal and external factors that directly affect the quality of life, for example, your concentration. According to scientists, switching between tasks reduces productivity by 40% and can cause stress. A person can concentrate on one task for about 10-25 minutes. When he is not distracted by anything, he can do the same thing for several hours.

To increase your concentration, the authors of the book give the following recommendations:

  • Set aside specific times to complete tasks, such as logging on to social media specifically between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., rather than during the day.
  • Complete tasks in the context of what’s going on, such as on the way home, at work, while drinking coffee, etc.
  • Define each gadget its functionality: use a laptop only for work, a tablet for learning.
  • Plan tasks that require concentration.
  • Turn off distracting apps when getting down to tasks that require special attention.
  • An interesting fact: When performing tasks that require increased concentration, the sympathetic nervous system activates in a person, which causes the pupils to enlarge. There is the possibility that in the future there will be programs that track pupil movements to develop user interfaces for information retrieval.


Potential is an inner resource that is usually hidden from a person. Understanding one’s abilities is an important step toward achieving goals and discovering new opportunities for oneself. Each of us is an individual with our strengths. If you still think that you have no talents and you do not differ from others, then we assure you: this is a delusion. You just have not yet revealed their potential, not opened the secret door of his soul.

The sooner you understand what strengths you have, allow realizing their inner energy, and get rid of fears of making a mistake, or being misunderstood by society, the sooner you will paint your life in the colors you want.