For the development of new products or adjustments to the consumer properties of products, companies often turn to Usage and Attitude research.

This research solution will be useful when it is necessary to build communications with consumers, choose effective ways to promote products, etc. Consumers of goods or services who can buy a given product or have already made a purchase are considered an object of research.

A study of consumer preferences, and consumer behavior within a particular product category, and its top-rated brands helps in selecting target markets and finding competitive advantages.attitude and usage

Research on consumers and their demand characteristics is important for stabilizing the company’s competitiveness, increasing profits, optimizing the marketing mix, and for reducing the risk caused by planning errors, wrong product positioning, and ineffective marketing.

Comprehensive analysis of consumer behavior

  • Identification of market opportunities (assessment of market volume and capacity)
  • Description of target markets for their segmentation
  • SWOT-analysis of advantages and disadvantages, new opportunities for existing products
  • Measurement of advertising campaign effectiveness
  • Identification of prospective segments or niches for new products
  • Definition of tools for targeting priority segments

Usage and Attitude research also provide data that allows for consideration of all the above-mentioned aspects in terms of socio-demographic and other parameters important for the business model.

Description of the product category according to the main parameters

  • Knowledge of the brands in the category (spontaneous and with prompting)
  • Evaluation and attitude towards the products/brands within the product category (Satisfaction, loyalty, )
  • Purchase and consumption of brands within a category (frequency, volume, method of consumption, reasons for failure, trying new brands, etc.)
  • Knowledge of brand advertising (as an element of evaluating the effectiveness of the advertising campaign)
  • Attitude towards advertising
    sources of information
  • Image of brands in the perception of consumers
  • Positioning
  • Purchasing behavior and habits (frequency of purchases, places of purchases, volumes of purchases, patterns of purchasing behavior, etc.)
  • Decision-making process of purchase, the importance of different factors
  • Attitude to price
  • Lifestyle
  • Description of consumer profile in terms of sociodemographic profile, psychographic characteristics

It is also extremely important to study the motivation of customers to make a purchase and conduct research into the information channels that customers resort to when making a choice.