ISO 9001-2015 is the latest version of the international management system standard

An assessment criterion for the management of work processes aimed at improving the quality of products and services. ISO 9001 is used in many countries to implement quality management and define a voluntary certification procedure. ISO 9001-2015, ISO 9001, after several modifications the ISO technical committee managed to create a fully adapted universal standard compatible with all European norms.

The history of the evolution of the international standard ISO 9001 demonstrates the dynamic growth of the conditions created by modern manufacturing and service enterprises within the framework of improving the security of the offered products and services.

The main goal of standard ISO 9001

The essence of ISO 9001 is to evaluate a set of criteria of the control management system at a particular enterprise, both in domestic and international interpretations, to determine the conformity of the final products to the requirements of the partners.what is iso 90012015

The updated ISO 9001 standard is used to assess compliance with the stated requirements.

What ISO 9001-2015 confirms

  1. Customer-focused business. Simply put, an ISO 9001 claiming organization is required to regulate processes for the end recipient. For example, complete control over the characteristics of the products produced and the introduction of new technologies that improve the consumer properties of the product produced is encouraged.
  2. Valuable partner capacity. Organize deliveries, return the goods, provide the necessary documents and comply with contract terms.
  3. The technological development of production within the constant modernization of the working and technological processes. The main criteria of ISO 9001 are advanced computer and information technologies.
  4. Availability of constant analytical monitoring aimed at modernization of production and human resources policy.
  5. Competently organized system of responding to customers’ complaints. Studying the results and taking effective measures to eliminate deficiencies.

Quality management system certification goals

The ISO 9001 certification is not proof of the quality of certain goods or services. In general, international ISO standardization is a relatively common set of rules and assumes the universality of existing standards that define the general laws of civilized business. However, ISO 9001 does not eliminate the need for a certificate of conformity or declaration, if this is required by the applicable laws of the country.iso 9001 standards

The main goal of ISO 9001 is to promote the competent organization of the production processes, which will meet the requirements of the end customer or partners, as a means of technical regulation.

The benefits of ISO 9001 are as follows

  • Opportunity to enter the international Sunday;
  • Increased confidence of buyers and partners in the business;
  • Increasing the competitiveness of existing projects;

ISO 9001 is considered an iconic image tool, which positively influences the professional reputation of the company;

Additional preferences when participating in October and public tenders because of the requirements.
ISO 9001 certification can be considered as the main proof of a high level of management that has credibility in all developed countries.