Face-to-face interviews – among the types of quantitative research, the most commonly used method of collecting data on targeted decommissioning. The interviewer interacts directly with the respondent by asking questions based on a formal survey.

Surveys conducted by face-to-face interviewing of consumers of various goods or services are conducted either using tablets (CAPI) or paper surveys. The professional organization of the field phase, the choice of survey points, and the competent quoting of participants avoid systematic sampling errors, so we allow the results to be passed on to the general community.

How do ensure the quality of interviews?

To conduct a professional study, the field phase must be examined step by step to make sure that the data is reliable:

  • Development of a professional, far-reaching toolkit (formalized questionnaire) for face-to-face interviews with a reasonable number of questions, allowing each participant to maintain attention and at the same time obtain sufficient information to meet the research objectives;
  • Choosing the right location for each personal interview (mostly in public places). When choosing locations, you must take into account the possible characteristics of each one, i.e. differences in the composition of the participants (e.g., certain areas may have people with higher incomes, some may have people with certain professions, etc. );
  • Developing an interview quota sample allows him to explore all of the characteristics specific to consumers through his research.

This approach allows you to eliminate or minimize the likelihood of systematic errors in the surveys, to study the target segment of consumers on the topic, and based on the survey to make unambiguous conclusions.

Quality guaranteed:

  • For tablet surveys (CAPI): audio recordings of each interview + geolocation;
  • For paper questionnaire surveys: telephone verification (audio recordings are provided to the client);
  • Interview surveys were designed by professional sociologists;
  • Interviewers with 1 year of experience;

Supervision of Field Personnel

Regardless of how the data are collected, whether in tablets or paper questionnaires, each survey has quality control methods, and the project manager personally verifies their applicability.

If the survey is conducted on tablets, a spot check is made on audio recordings of communication with respondents and an end-to-end check of the geographic locations in which the interview is conducted. If the interview is conducted “on paper,” the interviewer is responsible for confirming questionnaires by phone number. The required minimum is 80% of all questionnaires.