Sociological expertise is mainly used in court proceedings when it is necessary to reveal the attitude of the population or a group of the population to a certain problem.

The review is carried out by :

  • Establishing the similarity or difference (to the extent of confusion) of trademarks and designations;
  • To determine the presence or absence of misleading consumers;
  • Establishment of compliance with the methods of promotion of trademarks to moral norms;
  • Protection of the exclusive rights of the means of individualization of a legal entity;
  • Clarification of compliance of advertising with the law;
  • Assessment of losses of right holders and damage to business reputation.

Sociological expertise

  • Mass Sociological Surveys;
  • Deep sociological interviews – target audience expresses their opinion in detail;
  • Expert sociological survey – specialists act as respondents.

The results of sociological research will help in resolving patent disputes and protecting intellectual property. They require professional training: special knowledge and information gathering tools. The expertise in our company is conducted by experienced analysts, who can answer all questions about sociological expertise.