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Making city communication more engaging and interesting can help to increase residents’ understanding and engagement with city initiatives, programs, and services. Here are some steps that cities can take to make their communication more interesting and engaging: Use storytelling: Use storytelling to communicate information about city initiatives, programs, and services. This can help to make […]

Business-to-business is when one company sells its goods or services to another. Agree, if we sell to a person, we understand that their goal is consumption. Be it groceries in the supermarket or home appliances. But in B2B, the specifics are different. The company, buying your product, wants to use it to increase sales conversion. […]

Who is a Sales Development Representative (SDR) and why does your business need one? In the traditional sales world, the focus is on negotiating and closing deals. Meanwhile, sales development representatives (SDRs) are largely left in the dark. Whereas the importance of their activities for business cannot be overstated. Sales Development Representative (SDR) The concept […]

SWOT analysis – allows you to analyze the activities of a company or a specific product. It is used to assess the impact of weaknesses and threats on the company’s activities, as well as the potential to minimize this impact through strengths and development opportunities. Objects: Goods/Service The company Country/region Algorithm: Analysis of strengths and […]

About B2B simply: the process and the sales pipeline B2B sales or Business-to-business is when one company sells its products or services to another. Agree, if we sell to an individual, we understand their goal is consumption. Whether it’s groceries in the supermarket or appliances. But the specifics are different in B2B. The company, buying […]

No reply for a long time By leaving a potential buyer or prospective client unanswered for hours, you’re allowing them to check in with your competitors and “chill out” when it comes to spontaneous and emotional purchases. Use chatbots to help if you don’t have time to answer the same type of questions. Just don’t […]

The next step of outbound sales – how are they done? What is the process? Do you want to make a list of the people you want to contact? Make a deeper list of all the decision-makers you want to reach out to? Find a method of outreach that works in your industry, right? For […]

Outbound Sales – when a salesperson first initiates a conversation with a potential ideal customer. The salesperson may be a company, a founder or freelancer, a sales department, or a person working for the company, and they are trying to contact another person to see if they are interested in purchasing their products and services. […]

Холодные продажи (Outbound Sales)  –  когда продавец первым инициирует разговор с потенциальным клиентом. Продавцом может быть компания, основатель или фрилансер, отдел продаж или человек, работающий в компании, и они пытаются связаться с другим человеком чтобы узнать, заинтересованы ли они в приобретении их продукции и услуг. Холодные продажи важны потому, что у вас может быть хороший […]

Целью маркетинговое исследование рынка, является определение наиболее привлекательного иностранного рынка для экспансии и поиска потенциального покупателя.  Действенный инструмент позволяющий принять решение и снизить риски до приемлемого уровня. Экспорт. Виды исследований: Полевое – сбор первичной информации о рынке и потребителях в реальных рыночных условиях: наблюдения, опросы респондентов. Кабинет – сбор вторичной информации о рынке открытых источников: […]