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Value-based segmentation- Consumer segmentation is the division of real and potential consumers of the target audience into subgroups with the same type of needs and buying behavior. Segmentation of consumers based on their values is considered the most modern and accurate type of research René Descartes said, “Knowledge of a few principles frees you from […]

Conjoint analysis – optimization and development of product offerings, market modeling. Is a method that is used primarily to study consumer preferences. It refers to quantitative research methods and is used in the development of new products or revision/modernization of existing products when it is necessary to determine what technical, consumer, and other characteristics the […]

We’re going to find out what an info product is and why it’s profitable to start an info product business. We’ll consider types of info products, we’ll make step-by-step instructions for creating an info product from scratch and we’ll talk about ways to promote it. What is an info product? An info product is knowledge […]

Technology and products continue on the path described in Geoffrey Moore’s book Crossing the chasm, the unsuccessful ones disappearing forever. This article compiles key insights that can help conquer the market because Moore’s strategy continues to work even after 30 years. Who needs to read this: For startup owners who have yet to conquer the […]

What is Growth Hacking and Why We Need a Hypothesis Testing Pipeline? What to do if you want to grow faster? You can’t increase your sales plans and advertising budgets indefinitely. You’ll either spend a lot of money, or all the money at once, and the expected effect won’t happen. As Andrew Chen said, after […]

In this article, the editors of Smart City Enterprise will tell you what the “north star metric” is, why to use this metric, and most importantly, how to find your “polar star”. What are north star metrics? The north star metric (NSM) is the metric that best reflects the core value of a product to […]

How Conversational Marketing is changing the world of online sales and how it’s better than traditional marketing. If your work involves marketing, you are familiar with these problems: Leads are dropping off at different stages of the funnel; Standard marketing tools no longer allow you to meet KPIs for leads and sales; Users expect you […]

SWOT analysis – allows you to analyze the activities of a company or a specific product. It is used to assess the impact of weaknesses and threats on the company’s activities, as well as the potential to minimize this impact through strengths and development opportunities. Objects: Goods/Service The company Country/region Algorithm: Analysis of strengths and […]