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Most customers (public sector and not only) are not ready to work in an Agile environment, because a) They have established fixed-price contract practices (including tenders) b) Customer representatives often do not have the authority or desire to give feedback on each iteration, because this is additional responsibility and time. However, even with such customers, […]

The last process left to consider is used only in exceptional cases (Sprint Cancellation). For example, during a sprint, it turns out that the requirements have changed so much that it makes no sense to implement the current stories. To avoid wasting resources, the product owner stops the sprint. All stories and tasks that pass […]

Agile Retrospective (Scrum) is not just about working on mistakes. It is a process aimed at continually improving the effectiveness of the team. Improvements can be about anything from workplace lighting to changes in team composition. It’s not a scrum invention. A continuous improvement cycle (called the Deming cycle) should work in any organization: Planning […]

Backlog sprint – The part of the product backlog selected for implementation in the current sprint. – Selected by the team based on priorities – Digitalized so that you can see the daily progress – During the sprint, the development team can add – Items can only be discarded in consultation with the product owner […]

Product backlog – an artifact is any man-made object. The main ones in scrum are considered to be the following: Artifacts – Product backlog – Sprint backlog – Increment In this article, let’s take a look at the Product Backlog Product backlog – a prioritized list of what needs to be done in the product: […]

The Scrum Master Mission – teach the team how to interact with each other and with business representatives. One of the members of the development team becomes a scrum master. Responsible for adhering to Scrum practices and implementing values Conducts team meetings Supervises the team to implement its decisions Initiates the removal of obstacles hindering […]

The product owner’s Mission –  is to maximize the value of the product and the work Defines and communicates product requirements and priorities. Determines release date and content Responsible for achieving goals and budget Manages stakeholder expectations Accepts deliverables The product owner can be called the “avatar”. He represents the customer in the team and […]

Advantages of Agile According to statistics: projects that use agile approaches are 4 times more successful than those that use the traditional approach. These figures are based on data from 10,000 projects over 5 years. Terms To fully compare methodologies and take advantage of their benefits, it is necessary to consider the conditions in which […]

This article provides an overview of the most commonly used Agile values and principles. Not surprisingly, Agile offered an effective replacement for the traditional waterfall project management model. Because of the cumbersome, rigidly slow, and document-oriented method of product development, a team of 17 systems developers (called the “Agile Alliance”) released the “Agile Manifesto” in […]

Agile project management methodologies are the application of agile software development principles to various management processes, especially project management. Agile project management methodologies Imagine that we need to cross a street with heavy traffic. If we just walk forward looking at our goal, we will have high risks to life. Since the task is fairly […]