professional services smart cities sales management automation


Acquire new markets. Research new countries. Multiply pre-sale channels, or adjust internal sales processes.



Sales process development and mentoring. Process-based organization of sales procedures, tracking and reporting.



Our professionals can help you with configuration and process setting on any commercial CRM system, even the most popular CRM globally – The Excel 🙂


  • 1. Lead Identification

    Contact research and personalization of the company with whom I want to open collaboration. Identify their size, annual finance results, position on the market.
  • 2. Lead Qualification

    The research company’s a product/service portfolio, identify their partners, their benefits for you and also their interest. Remember, that only a win-win deal is possible. Both parties must get value.
  • 3. Scope Development

    Organize the online presentations, Discuss the needs and proposals of your counterparty. Identify the areas of the product/service portfolio that may suit you. Continuously work on relationship building.
  • 4. Contract Negotiation

    Discuss and agree on the deal conditions. Agree on qualitative and quantitative parameters. Agree on phases, deadlines, payment processing, and penalties.
  • 5. Product/Service Delivery

    Deliver/Receive products/services on time. Use control mechanisms to track every step of the deal. Discuss and negotiate exceptions. Manage the Change management process, if required.
  • 6. Invoicing and Next Steps

    Finalize the deal. Make an acceptance, get the signatures and payments. Right on the line of positive customer feedback work on the strategy of future deals. Cross-sale and up-sale.

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