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Sales Management


Sales management is the process of planning, organizing, and controlling the activities that a business uses to generate revenue through the sale of products or services. Manage any sales network size. Get analyzed sales processes and tools or build a new infrastructure from scratch. Review the effectiveness of your products or service sales quality.

Scope of sales management service

  • Multichannel campaigns
  • Sales funnel settings
  • CRM set up
  • Work with leads
  • Work with opportunities
  • Set up sales cycle
  • Performance reporting

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Stages of sales management

1. Developing sales strategies – This includes identifying target markets, setting sales goals, and creating a plan for achieving those goals.
2. Building and managing a sales team – This includes recruiting, hiring, and training sales personnel, and managing their performance.
3. Managing customer relationships – This includes developing and maintaining relationships with existing and potential customers and identifying new sales opportunities.
4. Managing sales territories – This includes dividing the market into territories, assigning sales representatives to specific territories, and monitoring sales performance in each territory.
5. Forecasting and budgeting – This includes forecasting sales and revenue and creating budgets to support the sales plan.
6. Analyzing data – This includes analyzing sales data and customer information to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement.
7. Managing sales processes – This includes developing and implementing processes for lead generation, qualification, and closing sales.
8. Managing sales tools and technologies – This includes identifying and implementing tools and technologies that can help sales teams be more effective, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
9. Managing sales promotions and campaigns – This includes developing and implementing sales promotions, campaigns and incentives to increase sales.

Deliverables of sales management

Set up your sales tools, and procedures properly, and execute pre-sales and sales plans. Force your sales by analyzing market opportunities, understand market size across verticals, develop a valid plan. Train people to adhere internal sales standards. Execute sales strategy based on a detailed action plan, and review on a regular basis.


Starts at 1.250€ per month