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Sales Acquisition


Get professional sales acquisition research in industries and countries of your interest, or find even a new country that’s best for your product sales acquisition.

We use public sources that we research by our in-house research bots, and also we use a few commercial solutions to analyze the industrial and market statistics and trends. Based on research data we create a forecast report that you can use as a decision tool for new sales acquisition.

We usually take 8 countries from two continents, select industries of interest (industries that fit your product values), and compare the market behavior during the past years, including segmenting geographic and demographic differences (age, gender, ethnicity, etc.), technographic differences, psychographic differences, and other required differences in product use.

  • Geographics analysis
  • Technographics analysis
  • Psychographics analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Market share
  • Acquisition strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Sales operations strategy

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Get prepared for selling to new markets. We use complex data for the diagnosis of the market behavior in business industries in your interest and we show the direction to move on. Let’s have a talk about it?