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Pre-sales Automation


Pre-sales service establish a regular cadence of communication with clients. CRM-based automated procedures keep your company communication up to date and turn communication with leads into a stage of business opportunity.

Scope of presales automation

Pre-sales management and communication management cover the organization of the plan, execution, and control of the company’s external business communication. This service includes letters writing, writing, pre-sale, sales, chat, and call center script writing and their on-time execution.

  • Lead conversion flows
  • CRM development
  • CRM operations
  • Communication scripts
  • Offering process
  • Pre-sale campaigns

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Deliverables of presales automation

Running a presale channel, or multichannel solution to regularly communicate with your potential customers. Internal people trained to execute the process learned from our people. Orchestration of the pre-sales process, the possibility to plan campaigns and sell more.


starts at €450