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Pre-sales Management


Pre-sales service. We establish a regular cadence of communication with your clients. CRM-based automated procedures keep your company communication up to date and turn the basic communication with the potential client into a business opportunity.

Pre-sales management

Pre-sales management and communication management cover the organization of the plan, execution, and control of the company’s external business communication. This service includes sales letters and offers writing, pre-sale, sales, chat, and call center script writing and their on-time execution.

Planning service lets understand what communication should be released, to whom it should be sent, and in optimal timing. Writing service follows sociology rules, works with keywords, and motivates the recipient to make an action.

The price starts at €2.250

Online marketing management

Marketing tools are automation systems for the promotion of the product or company, including complex analytics for appropriate advertising, promotion, brand awareness, and communication plan execution strategies.

Marketing tools also cover social network management, as a part of brand awareness and advertising strategy execution. Our automation tools work with all the usual social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, VKontakte, etc.

The price starts at €2.650

Multi-channel campaign management

Campaign management by Smart City Enterprise is the planning, configuration, execution, and analysis of communication campaigns across all communication channels, like E-mail, Call, Chatbot, Social networks, and Messengers.

The price starts at €1.650

The pre-sales service

The presale sequence contains a set of communication channels that are either used physically by pre-sales experts or the execution of the communication is automated by various marketing and sales performance tools.

  • Customers for your products
  • Customers for your services
  • Partners for projects
  • Suppliers for your requirements
  • Developers for your project
  • Integrators for your project

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