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Product Offer Development

These days, sales-psychology leads the main role in selling your products. People are forced between 4.000 - 10.000 advertisement attacks every day. Proper wording is the key.


The common product visibility on the market needs at least a set of 6000 words for different types of descriptive materials that properly and fast explain to the target audience product value proposition. The area of product description cover these parts:
Product Flow - Product


Product Offer

Product offer development is a special part of the description as it goes directly to the target recipient with the expectation of immediate reaction. That’s why you should use proper wording to get recipient engagement to your message. For the best conversion rate, you should summarize in the short solution for the client problem optimally on a use case that’s similar to the client’s problems, so he can find in case his situation. The offer should summarize:

  • Product strengths
  • Value proposition
  • Industry-related use case

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The product offer is a set of letters and communication scripts that cover pre-sales and sales lifecycle and communication stages. Let’s talk about it?