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Sales Scripts


A sales script is a written or verbal guide that outlines the key points and language that a salesperson should use when making a sales call or presentation. It typically includes an introduction, a description of the product or service, an explanation of its benefits, and a call-to-action (CTA). Sales scripts can be used for various types of sales, including phone sales, in-person sales, and online sales.

The purpose of a sales script is to provide salespeople with a consistent, structured approach to making sales, which can help to increase the chances of closing a deal. It can also help to ensure that the salesperson stays on track and covers all the key points during the sales call or presentation.

Scope of sales scripts development

A sales script typically includes the following elements:

1. Introduction: This is the opening of the script, which is designed to capture the customer’s attention and establish a connection.
2. Qualification: This is the process of determining whether the customer is a good fit for the product or service.
3. Presentation: This is where the salesperson presents the product or service, highlighting its features and benefits.
4. Handling objections: This is where the salesperson addresses any concerns or objections that the customer may have.
5. Closing: This is the final step of the script, where the salesperson asks for the sale or the next step in the sales process.
6. Follow-up: This is the step after the call or meeting, where the salesperson follows up with the customer.

What people say matters

By having the lifecycle flow and connected communication workflows for every situation that happens on a routine basis you will take control of your product communication strategy. Get an initial e-mail, short descriptions, long descriptions, and call scripts for your company and product values presented in a short time. Identify phases of your pre-sales and sales procedures and assign scripts to every action.

  • First call script
  • Occasional descriptions
  • 15 seconds explanation
  • 60 seconds explanation
  • Product presentation
  • In-depth explanation script
  • Call scripts support
  • Video scripts support

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Deliverables of sales scripts development

Communication scripts that cover the full portfolio of your sales and pre-sales communication. Presentation of product in a standardized way with a properly highlighted value that increases the impression and engagement of products and services. Usually, the basic sales process needs at least 12 “standardized” types of letters and scripts. Let’s talk about it?


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