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Lead Generation


Lead generation – new contacts across countries, industries, and companies. Our AI-driven robots find your customers and our analysts identify opportunities, companies, and the right person’s contact details.

Scope of lead generation

  • Segmentation
  • Search companies
  • Contact search
  • Data cleaning
  • Writing scripts
  • Email campaigns
  • Call campaigns
  • Weekly report

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Channels of lead generation

1. Define your target market
Identify the specific industries, companies, and decision-makers that are most likely to be interested in your product or service.
2. Use online tools
Utilize online tools such as our public crawling bots, LinkedIn, or ZoomInfo to search for and identify potential leads.
3. Network
Attend trade shows, industry events, and other networking opportunities to meet potential leads and learn more about the industry.
4. Optimize your website
Optimize your website to attract B2B leads by including relevant keywords, creating valuable content, and making it easy for leads to contact you.
5. Use email marketing
Create an email marketing campaign and send targeted messages to potential leads.
6. Utilize social media
Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to engage with potential leads and promote your product or service.
7. Leverage existing relationships
Leverage existing relationships with suppliers, partners, and customers to identify potential leads.
8. Partner with other businesses
Partner with other businesses that serve the same target market to share leads and expand your reach.
9. Use Referrals
Encourage current customers to refer new leads to your business.


The value proposition is in getting business contacts in a short time, and significant time/cost savings of your internal work. Usually, it takes months to get new contacts – our service does it in a few weeks. Leads are segmented into geographical regions and business sectors (industries) based on the difficulty and marketing costs of lead generation, acquisition, and conversion results.


Cold Leads

-are contacts crawled by online robots on public data sources? Usually, it is the name of the Company, the website link, and all emails and phone numbers published on the company’s website.

Starts from €1,5 per lead

Hot Leads

-often called “opportunities” are contacts received by Smart City Enterprise from a custom offer campaign/pre-sale process. We contact your potential clients, offer them your product/service or solution, and based on their engagement, we mark the lead as “hot”. The hot lead is ready to listen more about your product. Over the call/video/physical meeting.

Starts from €85 per lead