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Search companies in required industries across countries and connect with them. Partnerships help you to find new business opportunities and join groups winning fresh business projects.

Scope to find a business partner

  • Segmentation
  • Search companies
  • Contact search
  • Data cleaning
  • Writing scripts
  • Email campaigns
  • Call campaigns
  • Weekly report

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Deliverables of searching business partner

Market research of companies and countries based on agreed scope. Collection of contacts from public and paid sources into your CRM, or in Excel. Writing communication scripts, e-mails, and calls and organizing communication campaigns to your potential partners.


Cold Leads

-are contacts crawled by online robots on public data sources? Usually, it is the name of the Company, the website link, and all emails and phone numbers published on the company’s website.

Starts from €1,5 per lead

Hot Leads

-often called “opportunities” are contacts received by Smart City Enterprise from a custom offer campaign/pre-sale process. We contact your potential clients, offer them your product/service or solution, and based on their engagement, we mark the lead as “hot”. The hot lead is ready to listen more about your product. Over the call/video/physical meeting.

Starts from €85 per lead