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Citizens Engagement

Engaging citizens is an important aspect of creating a Smart City, as it allows residents to have a voice in the decision-making process, and helps to build trust and support for the initiatives. The end-to-end process to cover public communication management over social and search engines.

Scope of citizens engagement campaign

  • Requirement analysis
  • Communication strategy
  • Communication channels
  • Campaign management
  • Media plan
  • Content development
  • Graphics development
  • Infographics development

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Types of citizens engagement campaigns

1. Community outreach and engagement: This includes organizing meetings, workshops, and other events to gather input and feedback from residents and community groups. This can be done in person, online or through social media platforms.
2. Citizen surveys and polls: This includes conducting surveys and polls to gather feedback and opinions from residents on specific initiatives or issues. These can be done online, by phone, or in person.
3. Crowdsourcing and co-creation: This includes using online platforms and tools to gather input and ideas from residents on specific initiatives or issues. This can also include hosting design competitions and hackathons to encourage residents to come up with innovative solutions.
4. Citizen participation in decision-making: This includes creating opportunities for residents to be involved in decision-making processes, such as through citizen advisory boards or committees.
5. Open data and transparency: This includes making data and information about the city’s initiatives and operations available to residents, and providing residents with easy access to the data through online portals and mobile applications.
6. Gamification and citizen engagement platforms: This includes using games and other interactive tools to engage citizens in the decision-making process, and providing them with a way to track and understand the progress of the smart city initiatives.
7. Creating a feedback loop: This includes creating a system for gathering feedback and input from citizens and then using that feedback to improve the initiatives and communicate progress back to the citizens.

Deliverables of citizens engagement campaign

Every city has various activities that need publicity. There are usually two types of citizens’ information purposes. The first one covers the positive information about the improvement of the area of the city. The second one is to educate citizens about the solution that needs citizen interaction.

Price of citizens engagement campaign

Price starts at 1.950€ per month