Serve your offer in systematic sequences.

PRE-SALES is the contacting process to impress a new potential customers. It uses e-mail, voice and social channels.”

The sequence-based acquisition process grows up your new connections.

75% faster and 50% cheaper than your own, internal pre-sale process.

Discover your business opportunities on the global market.


Use your product value and examine the usability in alternative business industries. Find business opportunity that you never before thinked about.


Increase responsivity by proper product offer description.


Understand your product values, strenghts and weaknesses. Apply product values to use cases (user stories) and solve exact problems. Develop the offer that makes sense, target it, and get more from your contacts.


Manage communication in sequences and never get stacked.


Get outsourced or guided execution of pre-sale process. Initial offering to your new contacts with using the sequentionally organized sets of follow up procedures that increase sales deal probability.



  • 1. Know your product values.

    Discover your core product values. There are usually four values that the product gives to the customer. It is More revenue, Cost saving, process efficiency, or business advantage. We will locate these values in your product and define your offering message.

  • 2. Organize your current industry and research new.

    Get an evaluation of existing business industries. Research complete world-wide industries and select those that fit your product. Select the top 3 industries that you are going to focus on your next acquisition activities.

  • 3. Prepare product offer content.

    Develop custom offers for specified industries. Get a set of letters from the cold initial product offer, follow-ups, or goodbye letters to voice/video introduction scripts. Know what to talk to the customer in any situation.

  • 4. Setup Pre-sales Sequences

    Develop and monitor the pre-sale process lifecycle. Know the time frames for every communication step of the pre-sales. Try in a short time all communication channels (mail, linkedin, etc.) attempt and either convert the lead to a business opportunity or close it.

  • 5. Execute Pre-Sales Sequences

    We use different automation tools to execute your pre-sale communication across global marketing channels. We execute your initial offering and give to your sales team hot business opportunities.


Smarty the Robot

That’s about business leads.

Although, lead is just contact. You must talk with them and turn lead into the business deal.



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