A landing page or landing page is a one-page website – the company’s business card, created to describe the product/service and collect contacts of potential customers interested in your niche.

This article is an audit of what a landing page should look like in 2022.

Landing page – an audit of the layout of the basic elements


Company logo:
  • Location top corner or center;
  • The quality of the image must be perfect;
  • A brief description of the company’s activities or slogan.
Header landing page
  • The block is located below the company logo;
  • The size of up to 9 words;
  • For SEO optimization should be placed in the H1 tag;
  • Often can contain a trigger for the client’s interest;
  • Must be in synergy with the advertising company because of which the client went to the site – business card;
  • The website and its images must be of high quality because they play a very important role in the first impression for the customer;
  • It’s better to evoke emotions;
  • Use from paid sources, stock. adobe; Shutterstock
  • Fits and emphasizes the main idea of the site – business cards;
  • When depicting people, their gaze should be directed at the landing page visitor or data form:
  • Depicted CA on the landing page is better to use the employees of the company;
  • Positively emotionally colored;
  • If there is a girl, with clearly visible breasts;
  • No slider is used
Feedback form : 
  • Web site and friendly design these two phrases should be synonymous
  • The color should replicate your branded website coloring
  • It is most effective to use 2-5 fields to collect information;
  • Validation (which fields are required for dusting);
  • When entering a phone number, limit the number of digits;
  • Set a deadline or trigger to fill in;
  • 10 out of 10 people should say with 100% probability that this is a “button”;
  • Visible from 1.5 meters away from the monitor);
  • Located in blocks 2 and 5
The call to action in a website button: 
  • Formulated clearly, the user understands what awaits him next on the website;
  • The inscription is easy to read for each client from a distance of 1.5 meters from the monitor;
  • Add deadlines;

landing page or website – the business card of the company about what criteria should be to audit the “content” read in Part 2

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