A landing page is a business card of a company, created to describe the product/service and to collect contacts of potential customers interested in your niche. The presence of additional elements on the page leads to a call to action for the potential client

This article is an audit of what a landing page should look like in 2022. Start your audit here

The presence of additional elements on the landing page:

Extra Title:
  • Formatted with tag H2;
  • Contains a call to action or question;


  • The feedback is real;
  • Text reviews or transcribed video reviews do not contain a stop word (quality, by the way);
  • The main idea (TSR, Benefits, description of the result…) of the review is highlighted;
  • Graphically highlighted (background, style, quotation marks out);
  • The review contains a headline with a key benefit;
  • No longer than 6 lines in unexpanded form;
  • Closes a potential customer objection and calls for action;
Structure of the review: 
  • Reason for interest in the product;
  • Key objections;
  • Why made the purchase decision;
  • Results;
  • What can you tell people who have concerns;
Contains information about the author:
  • Company logo;
  • Photo;
  • Position;
  • Contact information;
  • Age;
  • Link to social network profile
  • Precision;
  • If the cost of the service is high, the visual cost reduction:
  • Not 3000 $, but 222 $ per day;
  • Crossing out the “old” price, for example, 7000/3000 $;
  • Highlighting in red;
  • Using odd numbers – 2970 $;
  • Timeline:
  • Definitely up to a specific date (buy before January 10 and save 124$);
  • Bonus is valid for 25 days from the date of receipt (time-limited discount coupon);
  • By number of people (5 seats left);
  • Restricted by number of items (only 10 models at a special price);
  • Bonus for the fastest (first 5 people to sign up…);
  • Melting Discount (price increase every 2 days);
  • Multiple levels of access or multiple levels of service;
  • Different price with a visual downgrade;
  • Availability of the “Golden Toilet” – Super VIP for Super Expensive;
  • Arranged in descending price order from left to right;
  • The best offer is highlighted (font, size color);
  • Place limit or bonus for the fastest;
  • More gifts to the expensive package;
  • Make cheap fare unprofitable;
  • One benefit/bonus in one line;
  • Corresponds to one of the types:
  • Emotional satisfaction;
  • Result;
  • Absolute Guarantee;
  • Personal with signature (satisfaction + result). The Personal Guarantee always includes the person, initials, title, and personal signature.
  • Located under tariffs (bundling), F.A.Q., or reviews;
  • Graphically highlighted (frame, background, or picture);
  • F.A.Q. is always under tariffs;
  • The goal of the F.A.Q. – To close objections;
  • The main point is highlighted.
  • Real;
  • Visually shows the process (necessary to increase the value of the service);
  • Contains images (illustrations) or video confirming the results;
  • The presence of statistics for comparison – “was – became”;
  • The indication of the customer with its data and the place of the case;
  • Contains a review of the client;
  • The length of the video does not exceed 1.5 minutes;
  • Qualitatively and professionally filmed;
  • No auto work;
  • Shows the process of interacting with the product or the result;
  • A title that encourages you to watch the video;
  • Closes a specific objection;
  • Located at the bottom of the signature page, except for the Golden Egg (the main achievement), which is located at the top center of the business card site.
Social Evidence:
  • Publication in the media;
  • Independent research;
  • Feedback from experts in the field;
  • Feedback from celebrities;
  • Certificates/Grants
  • A “Like” or “Share” button with more than 100 likes;
An additional call to action at :
  • Newsletter Subscription;
  • Downloading a presentation, KP, or price list;
  • Request for a consultation;
  • Test drive;
  • Comparison with competitors – in the table to further emphasize the benefits of the offerer;
  • Using bonuses to get a contact (email, phone) of the user;
  • Increasing the value of the product; Using the bonus to tune out the competition;
  • After the purchase to build a long-term relationship (a certificate can be used as an example;
  • Charity (increases the value of the product in the eyes of the customer)
  • Different payment methods;
  • Possibility of credit or installments;
  • Works without prepayment;


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