Steps to Start Cooperation

This is a step-by-step guide to start a project with Smart City Enterprise. Despite the fact that we automate processes as much as possible, we bring a human approach to communication with our clients. Write to us to get more details.

Step 1. – Agreement

finding contractor city enterprise land
At this stage, we are selecting a tariff and the necessary set of services to make to prepare the pilot test run.

Results: We both will get a full understanding of the requirement frames for the contract preparation.

Step 2. – Formalities

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We prepare a contract with agreed conditions, that the client signs and sends payment. After we are setting the kick-off meeting where the client provides product know-how.

Results: Signed contract and paid the first round of ours service. We are starting hard work.

Step 3. – Video-conference

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At the conference, we are getting from the client audience that is interested, and current product offer. This call gives us full information on what to sell to whom to sell.

Results: We have a clear understanding of your sales model and the value of the product.

Step 4. – Launch preparation

product offer business development by smart city enterprise land
We are parsing the database, and cleaning data. We are building scenarios, and writing scripts. We setting the IT systems including CRM projects, dashboards, and workflows.

Results: At the end of this stage we have ready data, scripts, and trained staff to be your favorite marketing channel.

Step 5. – The first run

presales management by smart city enterprise land
We run the test that will give us the initial feedback. Based on the reaction we customize scripts, adding corrections, and develop the FAQ to improve conversion.

Results: Testing results give the information that we set as a goal before the run the test.

Step 6. – The mass run

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Based on the feedback of your customers, as well as client’s employees we custom dashboards, reporting, communication, and configure systems for mass database processing.

Results: Every 5 weeks we run a new campaign to your leads, comparing scripts, and results to improve the next run.

Step 7. – Daily routine

industry research business report by smart city enterprise land
We will have a regular progress meeting. Initially, we will meet more often to clarify details, later we will meet monthly and daily results you will track on your dashboard.

Results: Reports, dashboards, o lot of business communication. Sales deals!

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