No reply for a long time

By leaving a potential buyer or prospective client unanswered for hours, you’re allowing them to check in with your competitors and “chill out” when it comes to spontaneous and emotional purchases. Use chatbots to help if you don’t have time to answer the same type of questions. Just don’t leave all the dialogue to them!prospective client

Don’t greet the prospective client

Be sure to write “hello,” or better yet, “good afternoon/morning/evening,” even if the prospective client immediately began with a question. Sometimes, if appropriate, you can dilute your messages with emoticons to show goodwill.

Choosing the wrong form of address

It’s generally accepted in business communications to address you as “you.” Many people find the familiarity offensive. But, if your community is built on a community of casual conversation, “you” is appropriate.

Demand a change in the channel of communication

– Leave your phone number and a manager will explain everything to you.
Email, and we’ll send you the price.
– Let’s move to Telegram, it is more convenient.

Respond strictly to the question asked, without asking your open-ended questions in response, identifying the prospective client’s needs.

Not like this:
– How much does it cost?
– 170 $. – Where are you located?
– Washingtonova 25.
And like this:
– Rental of any model costs 170 $ per day. For which event do you want to rent a dress?
– Our showroom is located at 25, Washingtonova Street. Would it be convenient for you to visit us or order a fitting with a courier?

Don’t do the presentation.

Tell how your product will close the prospective client’s needs.
– This factory three-layer coating does not chip and protects the rims from rust.
– For a five-year-old, I recommend this sponge cake; it won’t fall apart in your hands and isn’t decorated with mastic, which kids often don’t like.

Don’t shoot objections.

The client almost always has doubts and objections:

“Something is expensive,” “What if there is somewhere with free delivery,” “I’d rather order in a store.”

Do not leave them alone with these thoughts.

Find out what’s wrong, and close the objections.

“Yes, ours is expensive because we use high-tech equipment,” “Yes, we have paid delivery, but we deliver around town within 2 hours.” “Yes, a store-bought cake will taste good too, but with us, you can choose your fillings and finishes and have no doubt about the naturalness of the ingredients and freshness.”

Don’t close the deal

Often you don’t even ask if the deal will even go through. Make sure there are no more objections or questions. Summarize the key issues, especially the benefits. Don’t press with a curt “Well, should I sign you up?”, “Will you take it?”

Better, attach your actions to the question if the answer is yes.
– Do you like this model? I’ll set aside sizes 44 and 46 for you right now. The dresses will be steamed by the time you visit.
– What time should I make you an appointment? We will begin removing the old coating, corrosion, and scuffs today. In 48 hours you will receive the DARK PLATINUM discs in the color of your choice.
– Do you like this offer? Would you like to pick up the cake yourself or have it delivered?

Show your prospective client care and provide additional useful information, such as how to find you faster at the mall or how you will notify them when your order is ready.