Outbound Sales – when a salesperson first initiates a conversation with a potential ideal customer.

The salesperson may be a company, a founder or freelancer, a sales department, or a person working for the company, and they are trying to contact another person to see if they are interested in purchasing their products and services.

Outbound selling is important because you may have a good and useful product/service and a great team that can make the world a better place.

ideal customer

But if no one knows who you are, why should they buy if they don’t even know you exist?

Inbound is when you generate content or something like that. And people come to you.

Outbound is when people don’t even know who you are and maybe you don’t even have a brand yet and you’re reaching out to someone else in a cold state.

They don’t know who you are. It’s not a warm introduction. And you’re just saying, like,

“Look, I think I can help you solve these problems. Would you like to meet?”

And if they agree to meet, then you can start selling. So, the first step for a salesperson is to initiate a conversation with a potential buyer.

Outbound Sales can take many forms.

It can be a cold email, adding them to LinkedIn and sending them a message, or even a cold call.

So, at this point, those are the three main ways that a lot of people use to generate outbound, ideal customers. And of course, as I said before, you’re doing it cold calling, which means they don’t know who you are.

They’re not expecting your call. They’re not expecting your message. But even if it’s unannounced, if you write the right message (to the caller) or make a cold call the right way, people will be ready to talk if you can solve their problem.


To engage in outbound sales

First, determine the profile of your ideal customer. That is, who is your ideal customer who should buy your product or service?

Most people make a mistake in this they have no idea who they are selling to. They try to sell to everyone.

Often in my practice, I hear the phrase:

“Yes, we sell to everyone, In any country…”.

Unfortunately, this means that there are no sales and we only work locally. And in the end, they do not sell to anyone because they are not specific enough.

Even the condom manufacturer and McDonald’s have their target audience, even though everyone kind of uses it.

To get more specific answers to these questions:

Is this how you define the profile of your ideal customer?
What kind of pain does your ideal client probably experience?

You can’t know for sure, but you can draw an educated conclusion from your online research.

What kind of pain are they probably experiencing?

And how can you solve that problem?

And, whether you’re doing a cold newsletter, a call, whatever it is, you have to address those issues.

Do they have this problem?

And can you solve it and communicate that you can do it all?

And once you can do that, then people start going to meetings with you. If there’s no “pain,” there’s no reason why anybody would want to meet with you, no matter how many emails you send.

So now, the next step is, how do outbound sales take place?