What is sales automation and how does it work? Do you need follow-up emails and should you send them? How many emails should I send so that I don’t get bored and get a response?

Based on our experience and data, 70% of responses are generated by 2-4 follow-ups.follow-up email
So my answer to the question above is without a doubt: – yes.
While there is no one-size-fits-all model for composing a sequence of cold letters, there are a few rules that you can rely on:
A minimum number of follow-up emails Easy to set up, effective in most cases.
A chain of 4 letters in less than two weeks resulted in a 22% success rate.
Every sales letter sequence should include at least these steps:

An initial letter

Without going into too much detail about how to write a cold letter, make it short and include the following:

  • Get their attention.
  • Explain why you are addressing them
  • Indicate what it means to them
  • Explain why they should trust you
  • Use one clear call to action
  • Stick to a conversational tone, personalize your content, add value

Also, it’s always a good idea to touch a cold email recipient with a personalized contact request on LinkedIn.

Gently but insistently remind yourself (2-3 days after the initial letter)

Emails often go unheeded; your potential client may be busy, not in a good mood to respond or simply absent from the office for several days. You’ll be surprised at the power of a simple reminder.
However, don’t repeat yourself. Keep the conversation on the same topic and simply ask if they saw your previous email if they got a chance to think about your offer, etc.

Break-up email (4-5 days after the previous email)

You know that no one wants to miss a moment, and most people want to help. And also that some people just need a second reminder?
There is one sentence that encapsulates all of this.

Here it is:

“What would change your mind?”

Try using this sentence as the subject line (or as part of the letter) and ask in the main text if they can point you to a couple of things that might influence their decision.

Why does it work?

Such a question will force the client to write the reasons for refusal. Magic will happen as you print, those reasons won’t look as convincing as they do in your mind. It will make the reader think about your offer and why he didn’t respond. Perhaps motivate him to visit your site where retargeting is already working.


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