Buyer personas allow you to segment your business market into recognizable groups for targeting. They profile your target customers, existing clients, and potential customers or readers you may not want to target yet. Once you have a clear picture of each type of client, it becomes easier to know their aims, challenges, and objections. This, in turn, will help you position your messaging and create content that resonates with them.Why does a business need to understand customer needs

These personas encompass a range of information that might be relevant for your team to know. For example:

Demographics and background

Age range

Gender identity


Salary Location

Marital status

Objectives and challenges

What do they need to achieve?

How would your product or service help them?

What’s stopping them?

What other products or services have they tried?

Customer journey

Their favorite content formats (e.g., podcasts and blog posts)

Thekeytopicsandthemesthey are into

Their preferred communication channels (e.g., social media or email)

The brand and influencers they tend to follow