The title is one of the main elements in the text. Everything depends on it. The wrong headline can kill a good ad campaign outright. Or it can pull out a bad one.

headline title

There is even a record of John Maples – he increased the conversion rate by as much as 19.5 times just by replacing the headline!

So today I’m going to talk about the 4U, a formula that always works.

A good title should have at least 4 components:

Uniqueness – the title should be different from a thousand others. Must catch the eye and show your USP (unique selling point).
For example, in my case, it is a guarantee of results. I guarantee that my texts will work, and the client will receive them in time. Otherwise, all the work is free. This is what separates me from thousands of the same copywriters.

Usefulness – is what you can give the customer. Earnings, savings, comfort, etc.
For Example 500$ discounted tables (commercial headline, savings). Or “How to honestly make 5000$ with a computer” (informational headline, earnings).

Ultra-specificity – is specifics: where, when, for whom, etc.
For example: for photographers, in Munich 2021.

Urgency – is binding to a time frame.
For example, in one month, within two hours.


How does a student (ultra-specific) honestly (uniqueness) earn $5,000 (Usefulness) in a week (urgency) with just a computer (also uniqueness)?
Better than just How to Make Money, right?

You can also add keywords if the title will be taken into account in search promotion. In this case, the formula looks like this: 4U+K.

A little tip: To make a headline like this less heavy, divide it into a headline and a subheadline. That’s it.

This formula will help you for a compelling blog that will help your brand grow in popularity and attract potential customers

Who’s interested in testing their strengths: try completing a “How to Sell” headline using the formula