22 email tips to attract customers. Ideal email trigger for cold emails. Can be used to retain and activate your existing customer base.

email tips

1) Acknowledgement

A gift for action. Used in surveys, presentations, demonstrations, registrations

2) Story

Tell a 1 or 3-person story to actualize the sale of a product. Applies to personal brand promotion, B2B and B2C, then there is a newsletter author

3) Authority

a review/case study of an opinion leader or major company/service. Applies to selling a product / on lead magnets as an element of social credibility

4) Deficit

A trigger email for a finite number of places/units of product/price. Used in product purchase letters or on lead magnets as a counter

5) Specificity

Show that the product/solution is only suitable for a certain group of users. Increases the credibility of the product

6) Get a gift

Product demo / material part / trial. Used to engage the user in the sales funnel

7) Status

How the user’s status will change after applying the product. Used to describe cloudless future developments

8) Guarantee

A tool for removing “don’t trust” objections on a sales letter

9) Objections in plain text

Nice email tips – show the user that you understand his/her doubts. Used in warm-up chains and sales letters

10) Big Idea

A “transformational” product trigger. Applied to engage impulsive users as an adherence to the idea of changing the world for a better social future

11) Simplification

Applied on lead magnets and upsell products. Show how easy the problem is solved or that all problem points have already been solved by the product

12) Interest

Ignite interest in the problem. Applies to lead magnets, tests, surveys

13) Expectation

A trigger email for sales. Describe the future the customer will have if they use the product. Used when selling FronEnd – BackEnd

14) Greed

Used in sales, on the OTO page, and as a Tripwire selling method. Show an imbalance of price and value

15) Naturality

For social personas. Show the benefit of the product (natural ingredients, social benefit, etc.)

16) Collection

Product presale trigger. Used when selling courses and products with recurring fees. Show the benefit to the customer collects the entire product line

17) Interactivity

An email tips on auxiliary pages to engage the user in the product without purchase or demo access. Most often it is a social activity (comments) on the auxiliary pages

18) Truth

A tune-up trigger, when the customer is told directly about his pain and inability to solve the problem by standard methods. Used in warm-up chains and sales letters

19) Miracle

A variation of the “simplicity” trigger at a higher level. Show the miraculous changes that will happen in the user’s life after applying the Core product

20) Sex

A universal trigger email for increasing the CTR of emails and ads to a male audience

21) Pushback

An email tips the opposite of “recognition.” Describe reasons why a user should not buy a product

22) Esthetics

A trigger for the “chosen ones.” Special text, special syllable for a cultured, educated audience